White-Glove Solutions for Complex Organizational Challenges

Your mission is too important to rely on tired, cookie-cutter strategies that don’t scale. Dr. Hallie Duke’s unique collaborative approach meets you exactly where you are. She’ll consult with you on your organization’s needs, then design a fully-customized solution that will translate your vision into reality. Together, we can:

Diagnose and fix an operational problem

Design and implement a new strategic plan

Facilitate organizational restructuring and change management

Translate ideas between leadership and staff for universal buy-in

Dr. Duke’s Collaborative Methods

We’re here to translate your vision into reality. But first we have to get crystal clear on what that vision is. Here’s how Dr. Duke will work with you and your team to achieve your organizational goals:

Initial Consultation

You’ll meet with Dr. Duke for a complimentary consultation. At this stage we’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing, answer your questions, and determine whether there’s a mutual fit to work together.

Executive Facilitation

Dr. Duke will meet with you and your board or executive team to determine your unique difficulties, goals, and priorities. This will give us a clear, realistic picture of the job at hand.

Custom Solution Design and Implementation

We’ll recommend a course of action that will best fit your needs. Depending on what we discover at the Executive Facilitation stage, your custom solution may include any or all of of our offerings.

Executive Facilitation Offerings

Strategic Planning

Facilitate startup, expansion, or a change in direction.
This iterative process will incorporate input from all stakeholders, build understanding across your organization, and result in a clear strategic plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Operational Analytics

Assess needs, evaluate operations, diagnose problems.
When operations are underperforming or downright broken, our detailed research and data interpretation will pinpoint the issue and inform targeted solutions.

Project Design and Management

Document a clear plan for project management.
We’ll provide an elegant organizational program strategy and project management plan, along with the project management tools and systems to make following the plan almost automatic.

Whatever outcomes you’re looking for, we’ll deliver a detailed, user-friendly plan to make it happen.

There’s no need to keep struggling through your organizational challenges without help. Your immensely actionable, custom-designed solution is waiting! Reach out to Dr. Duke today to see how we can help you.